About us

Society for German-Ukrainian cooperation (Verein für Deutsch-Ukrainische Zusammenarbeit e.V.) VDUZ was founded few years ago. In October 2014 the Committee was re-elected and new members joined the society. Taking into account the critical situation in Ukraine, the Society will fully focus on supporting people, suffering from the warfare in Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine.

The Society and its Committee are open for all new project supporting this aim and not contradicting our Statute.

The first project is called “Help Ukraine” and its aim is to unite diverse charity and public initiatives of volunteers and activists in Hamburg under one common roof. We believe that together we could more effectively help victims of the war in Donbas region and support volunteers organizations in Ukraine.

We operate and manage our projects under the patronage of General Consulate of Ukraine in Hamburg. Our partner and promoter are Ukrainian community of Hamburg and Northern Germany, Community of Northern Germany volunteers, Volunteers Organization “Frankfurter Train” and the foundation Humanitas-Ukraine Verein. In Ukraine we cooperate with private volunteers initiative and volunteers organizations “Myrotvortzi Ukrainy” (Peacemakers of Ukraine), “Volonterska Sotnya” (Volunteers Hundred), “Kryla shedrosti ta turboty“ (Wings of Generosity and Welfare), “Narodnyy Tyl“ (National Home Front), “Myrne Nebo” (Peaceful Sky), “Ein Herz für die Ukraine e.V.”  and others.

Our help includes both financial and non-financial support.

Non-finance support consists of purchasing or obtaining via donations diverse material goods: medical equipment and devices, medicaments and medical devices, clothing and shoes, bedding, tents, sleeping bags and other essential goods – and their delivery to Ukraine. The exact list of those goods will be aligned with volunteers in Ukraine based on the most urgent needs there.

We plan delivering to Ukraine material goods accumulated in our warehouse approximately once per month.

For accumulating the help our society has a warehouse (30 sq.m) kindly provided by Citilager GmbH. All necessary technical infrastructure and computers are kindly provided by Lederman Business Development GmbH. Telephone and secretariat services are provided by Hamburg Business Center and Oxana Voytenko. Her support brings enormous relief for our daily job.

Our society invites all private initiative to unite our efforts and proposes a basis for constructive and efficient help for those suffering in Ukraine.